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We Buy Junk Cars

Sell Your Junk Automobiles to Us

We Buy Broken Cars

Your old car has served you well for years, but now it's time for something new. What do you do with a junk car that nobody wants? Sell it to us! Bring your car over to John's Salvage Company; we'll take it off your hands and give you a great deal to boot.

Wondering about how to value your junk car? Meet our experienced and knowledgeable staff who will guide you through every step so that you leave with a smile.
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Call Us to Describe Your Junk Car

Our office is situated in Seguin, TX. We only buy local junk cars that are within 50 miles or less. Describe your junk vehicle to us over the phone and we will give you a FREE estimate.

Give Us Your Junk Car for Money

Are you tired of the old, unused car in your garage? You can make quick money out of it! Sell it to us. We will pay you according to our agreement.
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Quick Removal of Junk Car From Your Home

If you are planning to trash your junk car, wait! We will buy it from you and give you a great deal. Our skilled staff will remove your junk car from your residence without creating a mess.
Call us at
830-379-2092 and ask for FREE estimates!

Get the rarely found classic auto parts for your vintage car at our store!
Are you planning to sell your junk car? We are here for you! 
Call us at 830-379-2092 to schedule an appointment with us.
Se Habla Español!
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